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Laser cutting service is a professional field which provides precise laser cutting of metal. We have retained a large selection of products, including steel, alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. As the most important producer of laser cutting services in Qingdao, we combine the most advanced CNC cutting technology with the old service and the attention to detail. Our sales staff, programmers, mechanical operators and material handling professionals have expertise in a wide variety of applications ranging from artwork to military.

This is not our sideline. That's all we do. We're the best choice for companies that need laser cutting of metal parts. We've been focused on doing better than anyone else. Every day we pride ourselves on the ability to produce high quality parts quickly and efficiently. We serve manufacturers and stores in different industries. We strive to meet the "fast pace" of "timely" demand in today's competitive business environment.

Our huge inventory is just one way we organize resources so that we can consistently deliver the highest quality and fastest repeat customers. We operate several highly automated lasers and bending machines through two shifts, handling hundreds of orders per week. All orders nested in order to achieve the best material utilization, and combined with orders, we can improve the machine and processing efficiency, for everyone's benefit.


  The plant equipment contains 4000 watts of fiber laser cutting, and our lasers include automatic focusing, non-contact cutting heads, and automatic loading and unloading systems that increase productivity by minimizing installation time and downtime.